LaRose Scrap & Salvage, Inc.

LaRose Scrap & Salvage, Inc. (LaRose) is a Louisiana corporation established in November, 1990.  The company was originally operated as a complimentary company to Cummings Oilfield Equipment Inc.; and operated with only one location and 7 employees.  Today LaRose has 50+ employees operating from multiple facilities and generating revenues of approximately nine million dollars annually, and is the "Flag Ship" of the LaRose Companies. LaRose primarily services the Gulf Coast Region.

LaRose’s operations are primarily conducted at their facilities in Houma, Louisiana and Intracoastal City, Louisiana.  In 2006, LaRose began performing the majority of its equipment maintenance at its newly established mechanic shop located in Broussard, Louisiana.

LaRose’s administrative functions are conducted at their Broussard, Louisiana offices, which are strategically located in relation to their operational facilities and their supply and customer bases.

LaRose has achieved its growth primarily through internal expansions into strategic geographic markets, as well as providing exceptional and often “out-of-the-box” services to both new and existing customers.  A second factor which has allowed LaRose to excel in its market place is the use of modern technology, coupled with the acquisition of equipment which makes the company more efficient in its unloading, loading, cutting and marketing of product.  This use of equipment and technology has lowered the internal cost of operations for the company, and expedited the revenue process.  An additional factor contributing to LaRose's growth and market positioning has been proper fiscal management.  Through proper fiscal management, LaRose was positioned to survive, re-build after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and is now poised to prosper from the incredible scrap and salvage volumes produced by the storms, all without incurring significant additional debt.

LaRose now finds itself positioned as one of the largest and most well respected companies in its industry.  LaRose has been able to develop a specific niche for handling large scrap products that many of its competitors are not capable of handling safely and profitably, and is currently positioned for future growth and expansions.