Cummings Oilfield Equipment

Cummings Oilfield Equipment, Inc. (COE) is a Louisiana corporation established in August, 1988, and was the first of the LaRose Companies.

COE was organized for the purpose of acquiring used valves, pipe, and vessels from oil and gas operating companies with the intention of inventorying the equipment for resale at a later date. Within the confines of this market, it became evident that their company could expand its supply and revenue base by offering scrap services in addition to the salvage services already being offered. This synergy was achieved through the creation of LaRose Scrap and Salvage, Inc.

Today, COE operates primarily from its office in Broussard, Louisiana, as well as incidentally from the operations facilities of LaRose Scrap and Salvage.

COE has only a hand full of employees, and acquires the majority of its product directly from LaRose Scrap and Salvage. COE continues to service several customers through-out the Louisiana Gulf Coast Region.

Although the activity of COE has significantly downsized in recent years, the company continues to be an intrinsic part of operations of the LaRose Companies.